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Legislation Explained

1. How is providing the settlement of IDPs after departure from the occupied territories?
- Today everyone - pensioner or mother with small children, men who want to work - can move to the controlled area of Ukraine. They will be met by staff and emergency services. They will be offered the opportunity of settlement. And from that time all other social services continue to work with IDPs.
- To solve issues related to the temporary stay IDPs should apply for governmental Telephone "Hotline" (free of charge round the clock): 0 800 507 309 or to the Interagency Coordination Staff on issues related to social security of citizens of Ukraine who moved from temporarily occupied territory and areas of the antiterrorist operation by calling "101", (044) 247-30-02, (044) 247-32-92. Address of Staff in Kyiv city is str. Gonchara, 55a.
- Information about the availability for placement you can specify on the site vpo.gov.ua.
- Ministry of Social Policy has issued four road maps, where you can find all the addresses and telephone numbers for getting information about the settlement, get a job and other issues. You can look roadmaps in electronic access on the site vpo.gov.ua.

2. What is the procedure of registration for social assistance to internally displaced persons?
- In the Department of of social protection must submit an application and a passport. In case of loss of passport applicants must apply to the Department of State Migration Service to recover the document.
- A certificate issued on the day of application, signed by a representative of management and social protection.
- The certificate stamped stamp of the authorized body, namely the Department of Social Protection.
- Information on minors who move with their parents or family members, are specified in the certificate of one of the applicants.
- If you change the place of temporary residence and address of the applicant for the issuance of certificates to other authorized body previously issued certificate is removed and made appropriate changes to the database.
- In case of loss or damage of certificate competent authority should issue a duplicate on the application of the person who moves.
- Registration authorities have no right to require any additional information from the residence of the fact of living - it is beyond rules and regulations order. In case of violations and with complaints you can call the government hotline (free of charge around the clock) 0800507309.
- If IDPs compactly residing in special institutions (sanatoriums, hostels, etc.), there is organized departure of special teams, which are conducting their registration.

3. In what terms must internally displaced persons get registration to receive social assistance?
There are no term limits for cash benefits on accommodation, including housing and com services.
As for pay pensions and other social benefits to which IDPs have the right to a change of residence:
- For those who have left the territory temporarily occupied after November 28, leaving now and will go in the future, registration period is unlimited.

4. What should do internally displaced person if he/she lost his/her passport? Are there any documents for identification except passport, which can be used for registration?
- No, only a passport can confirm the identity of the citizen that applied for social assistance as an internally displaced person. In case of losing of passport he should contact the Department of State Migration Service to recover the document.

6. Which financial aid is prescribed for living costs for internally displaced persons?
The size of monthly benefit per person is:
- 884 UAH for disabled persons
- 442 UAH for able-bodied persons
The total amount of assistance per family is calculated as the sum of the rates of benefit for each family member and can not exceed 2,400 UAH.

7. What are the conditions for the appointment of financial assistance for living expenses for internally displaced persons?
- Financial aid provided to persons who have registered in the Department of social protection and have the certificate of internally displaced persons.
- Assistance appointed for a term not more than 6 months from the date of appointment and should be paid till month of removal of this accounting (inclusive).
- Assistance appointed to the family and paid to authorized person – if other members of family gave their agreement for getting the assistance by this person.
- Received cash benefits are not taxable and not included in the total family income in the appointment of other kinds of government social assistance.

8. When internally displaced persons will receive the payment for accommodation?
- According to the Decree №509, the person who registered as IDPs, may apply for assistance at the same day. Authorities of social protection of population make decision about the appointment of the aid to the IDP during 10 days, but no more than this term.
- Assistance is paid to IDPs from 14 November 2014.

In what case could be denied compensation for accommodation for internally displaced persons?

- Procedure provides that compensation can be denied to those who:
• have any houses outside the ATO area;
• have a bank account in the amount of more than 10 minimum wages;
• have two or more vehicles.
- Now SMEs examines all cases of of refusals and plans to initiate proposals for the removal of some restrictions. For example the availability of the vehicle - people who fled from the area of ATO may have a car, but they do not know its location.

9. What the procedure of getting budgetary and social benefits for the people who are still living in the so-called "LPR" and "DPR"?
- On the territories, which are uncontrolled by the Ukrainian authorities, payments are not carried out in many cases from June and July till now because of the lack of guarantees of delivery this benefits to citizens whom they belong personally. In these areas, the banking system does not work, "Ukrposhta" does not work now and the same situation concern other agencies. On December 1 officially canceled all the budgetary and social payments for those who are staying in the so-called "LPR" and "DPR".
- However, the payment is accrued. If a person moves from uncontrolled to controlled territory, in the place of new residence he should appeal to the Pension Fund, Department of social security and other social insurance funds, and these funds are transferred this payments as soon as possible - now 6-10 days. You must be registered in the Department of social protection of population at the new place of temporary residence.

10.What is a procedure of payment the pensions in the occupied territories?
- Pensioners are conducted by monthly basis charges. If person comes to controlled area or this territory come under the control of the Ukrainian authorities, the pension will be paid for the entire period, without any interruption.
- All pensioners who are staying on the territory of Ukraine should be registrated. SMEs and Pension Fund are transferring electronic cases from uncontrolled territory and carry out the payment of pensions for the entire period, including period when they had stayed on uncontrolled territory.
- Since moving people should be registered as displaced persons. Then they can get all the payment at the place of temporary residence.

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