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Promoting self-employment

Promoting self-employment

"All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation" GORENIE" in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council is implementing a comprehensive program to support displaced people who plan to make their own buisness.

The main purpose of the project is the providing income opportunities for internally displaced persons by providing grants to create their own micro buisness.

Participants are internally displaced persons from areas with unstable political and military situation, registered and residing in the Dnipropetrovsk region falling under appropriate criteria.
Conditions for participation in the project:
1. The presence of business ideas, implementation of which will receive financial income;
2. Willingness to listen to the appropriate training (short course), to obtain basic information about the basics of business;
3. Willingness to prepare a business plan;
4. Willingness to provide own contribution (financial or non-financial) to the implementation of business ideas in the amount of 20% of the necessary resources. Willing to provide its own contribution in the amount that exceeds the specified value, will be an advantage in the selection of business ideas;

Resources project for IDPs:
- Within the project will be given 300 grants ranging from $ 250 to $ 1,000 to start own business (the money will be directed to the account of IDPs in Ukrainian currency at the rate current at the date of transfer). The grant will be provided to participants of the project in case of the successful defense of their own business ideas;
- Grant recipients will be provided by legal consulting and accounting assistance in organizing their own business;
The procedure for participation:

By June 30, 2015 it must be submited an application to participate in the project. The application can be filled in electronic form at or website Similarly, an application can be completed by calling 099-95-55-725 or 050-044-56-01.

As well to fill in an application you can address to the office of Charitable Foundation "GORENIE" at:
- Dnepropetrovsk, Karl Marx Avenue, 71, office 15;
- Pavlograd, Poltava street, 129, office 403.

Filling out an application does not guarantee automatic participation in the project. Each application will be considered by the competitive commission, which will decide its further participation. The decision of of the competitive commission is final. Organization - Administrator of competition reserves the right to reject any application.

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