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Legal help


Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "GORENIE" provides free legal assistance to IDPs who arrived in Dnipropetrovsk region from areas with unstable political and military situation.
Complex legal assistance includes the following components:
- Initial consultation;
- Assistance in restoring documents (if necessary);
- Analysis of available documents, determination of the legal position;
- Preparing no procedural documents (applications, appeals and complaints, correspondence with various organizations, etc.);
- Preparation of procedural documents (claims, motions, objections, appeals and cassations, etc.);
- Representing displaced persons in government (if necessary);
- Representing displaced persons in the courts (if necessary)

You can get legal assistance during personal communication with lawyers by contacting the offices ACF "GORENIE" in Pavlograd and Dnipropetrovsk, which are located:
Dnepropetrovsk - Karl Marx Avenue, 71, office 15 Phone number - (056) 745-08-05.
Pavlograd - Poltava Street, 129, office 403, Phone number - (05632) 02-06-81.

As the number of applications is growing, we advise you to agree upon the date and time of your visit by telephone to reserve your time to obtain free legal assistance.
Pay attention! According to the current legislation of Ukraine, All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "GORENIE" must obtain consent to use personal information of the individual. Therefore, for the proper processing of your documents, you will need to provide the relevant agreement.
We recommend you to prepare all documents related to your case in advance. Lawyers of ACF "GORENIE" will make electronic copies of all your documentation, which are needed for further work in your case.

Getting legal assistance by telephone
You can get legal assistance by the telephone. If you need initial consultation, which does not require observaing any documentation, we recommend you to contact the hot line of our Foundation at (050) 044-56-01.

Obtaining legal assistance by the e-mail
If you prefer to communicate using email, you can send your requests at It’s possible that to provide legal assistance, we will need to learn your documentation. So if you want to communicate by email, please send us scanned copies of necessary documents.

For internally displaced persons who are in search of work, ACF "GORENIE" provides consultations (up to 4 hours), dedicated to the study of the employee’s rights and employers' responsibilities. During the consultations we considering the questions of safe and legal employment, payment of hospital order sheets, getting of basic and additional leave, issues devoted to compliance of the internal regulations, issues devoted to the fines and legal questions concerning the order of dismissal.

Internally displaced persons who are looking for work can contact the ACF "GORENIE" office with any questions relating to the protection of employee rights.
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