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Free initial legal assistance to all internally displaced persons

In connection with the military conflict a new category of people who need extra help - internally displaced persons appeared in the legal field of Ukraine.
These are people who by circumstances beyond their control have been forced to leave their permanent residence, where they were provided with housing, social protection, employment, and so on. But arriving at the territory controlled by the government of Ukraine, almost all of them had faced with numerous domestic as well and legal issues. The persone without the necessary level of legal knowledge, can not fully exercise his rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine; he is in a state of uncertainty - where and how to find accommodation, how to get a registration location, how to issue or renew the social and other benefits, how to be when the passport or other document are lost or damaged, how to solve labor, family, property and many other issues.
In order to assist internally displaced persons and strengthening the guarantees of their rights and freedoms All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "GORENIE" supported by the Danish Council for Refugees and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees provides free initial legal assistance to all internally displaced persons.
Primary legal aid includes providing legal advice on all matters, assistance in recovering or obtaining the necessary documents, the preparation is non-procedural (applications, appeals, complaints, letters, public authorities) and procedural (writs, motions, objections, appeals and cassation complaints) documents.
Legal aid is provided in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Poltava regions and in the south of Donetsk region. For assistance, internally displaced persons adress to offices of foundation, hotline, by Internet system "Skype" or to mobile clinics during mobile outreach of the lawyers of foundation.
Offices of foundation are located at: Dnipropetrovsk city, Karl Marks avenue, 71, of. 15; Pavlograd town, Poltavska street, 129, of. 403; Poltava city, Shevchenko street, 42, of. 212; Zaporizhzhya city, Lenina avenue, 142 (building of Regional Library).
Daily lawyers of foundation provide over 200 consultations and every day number of applications increases. This is due primarily to the fact that today the public authorities adopted a number of legislative acts regarding settlement and ensuring the rights of internally displaced persons, but in the realization of their individual rights they continue to face no legislative regulation of an issue , availability conflicts, practical problems needed to be solved. At the same time the legislative process on the protection of internally displaced persons continues occasional new rights, benefits, ways to implement existing rights, resulting that displaced persons need legal information, requests for clarification regarding their rights and freedoms and methods of implementation.
In order to assist in solving these issues All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "GORENIE" continues its active work to provide support and assistance to all internally displaced persons by providing free legal aid and we hope that the work of our lawyers helping to protect the violated rights of internally displaced persons.
Free initial legal assistance to all internally displaced persons
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