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Problem solving on the agenda in Mariupol
Coaches of All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Gorenie organized a coordinating meeting with civilian activists of Mariupol. Heads of public associations and non-formal initiative groups...
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How to solve IDPs' problems - Gorenie lawyers trained officials
How to solve social and legal problems of IDPs was what Dnipro region officials learned during the two-day seminar. It was conducted by lawyers of Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Gorenie with the...
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Resource Center for IDPs
Legislation Explained
1. How is providing the settlement of IDPs after departure from the occupied territories? - Today everyone - pensioner or mother with small children, men who want to work - can move to the controlled
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Promoting self-employment
"All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation" GORENIE" in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council is implementing a comprehensive program to support displaced people who plan to make their own buisness.
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Promoting employment
All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "GORENIE" together with Employment Centre of Dnepropetrovsk region implementing a joint project of raising awareness of IDPs on the procedure of safe employment
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Legal help
LEGAL ASSISTANCE OF GENERAL CIVIL AND ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "GORENIE" provides free legal assistance to IDPs who arrived in Dnipropetrovsk region from areas with
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Advocacy activities
All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "GORENIE" pays special attention to advocacy direction. ACF "GORENIE" initiated development of the regional program "On social support of citizens who migrated to
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Free legal aid for NGOs
All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "GORENIE" implementing activities aimed at improving the safety of NGOs by providing advisory legal assistance on the cases of registration of documentation,
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Free legal aid for individuals
As part of activities of the Center of legal information and consultation ACF "Gorenie" provides free legal assistance to the socially disadvantaged groups in civil and administrative cases.
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